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Manage all your international orders, communications and documents
from one place.

Freighthood is here to revolutionise the way

small and medium businesses manage their imports and exports.


An all-in-one platform for your orders

Quotes, export documentation, export roadmap, messaging, shipment progress, deadline tracking, client and supplier communications...

We’ve got you covered.

Create documents in a few clicks

Forget about printing, signing, scanning and re-entering information over and and over again.

Build your own export documentation

Create your own branded company templates to fit your requirements with our easy template builder.

Autofill your documents

Reduce time and potential errors by autofilling your export documents with your stored company details, bank details, T&C’s and more.

Share and access documentation effortlesly

Know what has been sent, seen or approved from anywhere.

Send, confirm and manage quotes and purchase orders easily.

Sending or requesting multiple quotes, purchase orders and export documents? Keep track of what has been sent, seen and approved.

Real time updates

Get updates on accepted quotes, changes to orders and incoming documentation so that everyone is on top of what needs to be done.

Easy access to orders

Invite clients and suppliers to a document folder and they will be able to drop or access documents from it.

Never lose track of messages and emails

It’s all organised. It’s all in one place.
No more sifting through emails, chats and notes.

Centralized communications

Find emails and messages by order, so that you and your team can access the information that's needed quickly and easily.

Chat with anyone

Easy real-time communication thoughout your day. Your contact not on Freighthood? No problem, you can share a chat link and still chat with them.

Automate your workflow
and keep everyone in the loop

Keep track of all your orders from your dashboard.

Visibility for your team and clients

Allow access to order tracking and automatic updates for your team and clients, providing real time visibility and saving you time in writing emails with updates.

Cloud Based

All your data is stored in the cloud, meaning that you can securely log into your account and access it from anywhere.

Welcome to the hood!

Get Started with Freighthood!

Invite your clients, shippers, custom brokers, forwarders and more,
to join Freighthood and collaborate seamlessly.

Invite the people you trade with

Get your clients, suppliers and partners to view or access orders and do their part.

Create, share and track documents in a click

Set up automatic share of files and export documents.
Set up document requests and get everything you need on time.

Manage your orders from anywhere

Freighthood is a secure online tool, so you can keep track of your shipments from anywhere.

Easy to set-up and even easier to use

No software download or training needed. Sign up now and start simplifying your order workflow.

Streamline your workflow.
Boost your productivity.
Grow your business.

Start using Freighthood today.

Start using Freighthood today
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You can also send us any questions or request a product demo with our team.

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